Discover Hilversum from your couch

It is important to limit contact with friends and family as much as possible and to stay home as much as we can due to Covid-19. To get you through this lockdown as smoothly as possible we have collected several ideas for you. What about a virtual tour in a museum or a livestream concert at the Vorstin? Our top ideas for this month:

1. Circle of Life virtual tour

Maybe you haven't had time to go to the exhibition 'Circle of Life' in Museum Hilversum? Or you would like to see the works of Lieve Blancquaert again? This month Museum Hilversum takes you on a virtual tour through the exhibition "Circle of Life". Internationally renowned Belgian photographer and journalist Lieve Blancquaert brings together the three major stories of life - birth, love, and death - in a personal and multimedia way. 

2. Waylon in De Vorstin

As a gift to his fellow citizens, singer Waylon gave a concert in De Vorstin in Hilversum on December 30th. This performance can now be seen online on YouTube.  He plays Country music with and without his Bibi. Every song is a guarantee for clapping and dancing.

“Performing in my hometown in De Vorstin is special,” says Waylon. “I am already looking forward to a big post corona come back in a packed Vorstin”. This performance is a salute from me to all my fellow villagers. We will come out stronger and in this way, I hope to contribute to a nice year ending of 2020 ”. 

3. Filmtheater Hilversum at home

Snuggle up under a blanket on your couch, get the snacks ready, and let the movie begin!
Via PicL you can watch the best films and premieres from the big screen at your home. And by doing this you also support Filmtheater Hilversum. Look for the best films on the website of Filmtheater Hilversum. Choose, pay, and start watching! 

4. Bake your own Dudok Apple Pie

Of course, this is not the recipe for the real Dudok Apple Pie. That is and remains a secret. But this apple pie resembles the original and is delicious. Have a go with your little ones, they love baking. The recipe came from May your cake not turn out or when you are not a homebaker, don’t worry, at Lunchcafé van Drimmelen on the Kerkstraat they sell the real ones!  

5. Audiobooks from the library

The online library is open 24/7. You can download books for your e-reader and get nice audiobooks as well. Whether you like a page-turning thriller, prefer to get lost in a classic, or rather want to dig into health or politics, you will find your pick on the site of the online library where you can choose your favorite title. 

6. Music café at De Vorstin

Every Saturday at 4 pm Carolien Borgers interviews well-known and lesser-known national artists during the broadcast of Avro/Tros Muziekcafé. Tune in on NPO Radio 2 or listen via the live stream. On the website of De Vorstin, you can see which artists are on stage.

7. Have your dinner delivered

For the ultimate home sweet home experience, have your dinner delivered to your address. The caterers of Hilversum are ready to deliver all your meals: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner to your home. Handy, right?