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Exhibition | News photographer Vincent Mentzel – Power & Democracy

until 31 December 2021

Museum Hilversum

Freedom and democracy are recurring themes in Vincent Mentzel's oeuvre. A theme that must be fought for incessantly where necessary, but which must also be constantly monitored. Even in the Netherlands, where in 2019 a bill by Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security led to great commotion among (photo) journalists. Under the penalty of a prison sentence, they would no longer be allowed to travel to foreign fires without permission from the ministry.

The freedom of the press in the Netherlands is curtailed, an abomination in the eyes of Vincent Mentzel, who without the same freedom of the press could not have witnessed the world on the move. All the more reason to bring the work of Vincent Mentzel back into the limelight, also from younger generations. Freedom of the press and freedom of expression deserve our unconditional attention!
In addition to the work of Vincent Mentzel, the photographers Marieke van der Velden, Joris van Gennip and Merlijn Doorne exhibit.


Museum Hilversum
Museum Hilversum
Kerkbrink 6
1211 BX Hilversum
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