until 31 March

Museum Hilversum

It starts with the hoarding of toilet paper, images of overcrowded IC departments, and the banners in front of the window of grandpa and grandma to keep them going. Empty movie theaters and children glued to the PC because the teachers teach online; images about the corona crisis that is now part of our collective memory.
PANdemIC represents a micro-history of the corona crisis, the image from within; what is the impact on daily life, how are the new rules experienced and how do they turn out? The exhibition follows the timeline of recent months and sits on top of the almost unreal current affairs. This provides an opportunity to give a place to your own experience with the corona crisis and to rethink everything that has happened.
The photos were selected from the more than 2,500 photos submitted for the Care4Corona photo competition. The exhibition is multimedia in design and also shows the films of Lieve Blancquaert, Jiri B├╝ller, Robin de Puy, and the work of photographers such as Koos Breukel, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Ad Nuis, and Raymond Rutting. Everyone shows the strong impact of corona in their way.


  • daily until March 31st, 2021


Museum Hilversum
Museum Hilversum
Kerkbrink 6
1211 BX Hilversum
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