Hilversum is going live

Hilversum is going live again, two months after the closure! Curious about what has changed and how everything will work? We’ve already figured it out for you. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news!

The museums are going live again!

Great news for the culture lovers of Hilversum. Almost all of the museums in Hilversum are opening their doors again from the 1st of June. Museum Hilversum and the Dudok Architecture Centre are kicking off. The Museum of Sound and Vision is following a bit later this summer. A few rules have been established to avoid big crowds for the reopening.


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The restaurants and terraces are going live again!

With the enlargement of the terraces and the tables 1,5 m away from each other the catering industry is allowed to open their doors again from the 1st of June 12 PM. Are the rules a bit confusing? Check the explanation of the RIVM. Also check the website of your favorite restaurant, coffeeshop or eatery to see if you have to make a reservation in advance.

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The cinemas are going live again!

Did you watch almost all the movies on Netflix and HBO? Are you ready for the newest action movies, thrillers and romantic comedies in the cinema? Filmtheater Hilversum and Vue Hilversum have come up with all kinds of ways to give you a ‘safe experience in the dark’ from the beginning of June. What exactly? Such as making an online reservation and make sure to be in the cinema before the start of the movie within a maximum of 15 minutes.


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The stages are almost going live!

For the time being the Hilversum stages, such as Theatre Gooiland, the MCO and the smaller concert podiums are still closed till the first of September. The programming of season 20/21 can already be found at their websites and you can make a reservation for later.

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Hilversum is going live outside as well!

You probably went out for a walk, a run or even participated in the virtual Cityrun in these last few months. Nature is and stays open every day! But what about the parks, the playgrounds and the petting zoo in the city? Are they going live again by the first of June?

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The community centres are going live again!

Community centres are having an important social role in society. It is a meeting place for a lot of Hilversum citizens.  Community centres are able to allow a maximum of 30 people in their so-called ‘living rooms’. They have to open in a restricted manner from the 1st of June. A few community centres are remaining closed for safety reasons.  

De Hilversummers are going live again!

The liveliness of a city is determined by the enthusiasm of the citizens! In the next couple of weeks, we’re traveling through Hilversum trying to find you! Who are you, what are you doing, where will you go now Hilversum is going live again? We’ll show you some videos on our Instagram stories about what’s happening in our city and the way entrepreneurs are adapting to welcome you in a safe and responsible way.