It's summer! The trees are full of leaves, summer flowers bloom in the gardens and parks. Sultry summer evenings that last longer invite you to take a walk in nature. Or to cool off in the shade of the treetops on hot days. These are our five favorite hiking areas around Hilversum. Are you coming?


From the center of Hilversum you can easily walk to the Corversbos. It is a lovely forest with good hiking trails. Walking with a wheelchair or pram is fine here! Along the way you walk past many old trees and beech avenues. In the Corversbos there has even been a real bee ramp for 70 years.

Hoorneboegse Heide

In the south of Hilversum you will find the Hoorneboegse Heide. Surrounded by forest and our favorite place to walk the dog. You are face to face with the large grazers, Charlois cows, needed to keep the heather up to standard. When you cross the heath completely, you will arrive at Hilversum airport. Certainly during the weekend you regularly see a glider take off or land.


We also like to walk on the Zuiderheide in winter. No longer colored purple, but also recommended in this season. You walk through heathlands and along sand drifts. More than 2800 year old burial mounds can also be found on the Zuiderheide. You will find Theehuis' t Bluk on half of the route. Take a break with a cup of hot chocolate: need we say more ?!


The Spanderswoud is perhaps the nicest autumn forest in Hilversum. It is a real natural forest, where dead trees and branches remain. A perfect hiding place for insects and small animals. And in the fall a great place for mushrooms to grow

Lage Vuursche

Just two steps away from Hilversum you are in the middle of the woods of the Lage Vuursche. Here you wander around and feel amazed by the variation in landscapes. From a dense pine forest you walk into an open forest area with beech trees. You discover a burial mound or an ancient oak. The village of Lage Vuursche is the pancake village of the Netherlands. So if you are hungry for all your efforts….


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