Unique architecture

A city with a variety of architectural icons. Together, renowned architects such as Dudok, Duiker and Cuypers together shaped the cityscape of Hilversum. Discover world famous buildings such as the cityhall by Willem Marinus Dudok, architectural gems such as estate Zonnestraal by Jan Duiker, and the impressive Sint Vituskerk (St. Vitus Church) by P.J.H. Cuypers.

Willem Dudok

Willem Dudok has left its mark all over Hilversum. Nowhere in the world did this famous Dutch architecture build more buildings than here in Hilversum. His positive influence is still visible and characteristic for the cityscape of Hilversum. His greatest achievement is undeniably the cityhall of Hilversum. Additionally, he designed and built 17 schools, 25 housing projects, two cemeteries and several sport and recreation facilities. And that’s not all, many communal buildings were planned by him, for example a slaughterhouse, several bridges, bathhouses, a pumping station, and even a stable.

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Do you want to get to know Dudok better? Then a visit to the DAC (Dudok Architecture Centre) is a must! This independent foundation wants to inspire us by putting city architecture, urban development, and cultural heritage into the spotlight. The DAC offers guided tours of the monumental cityhall, excursions in the city, and special readings.

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Dudok’s cityhall

Duiker’s sanatorium

Cuypers’ church

Jan Duiker

Another architect who realized many special buildings in Hilversum is Jan Duiker. He is responsible for the design of the former sanatorium Landgoed Zonnestraal and Hotel Gooiland. Estate Zonnestraal is located in the forest Loosdrechtse bos in the south of Hilversum. Designed in 1926, it’s considered to be one of the major architectural achievements of the 20th century. Another building designed by Jan Duiker is Hotel Gooiland, a massive construction of concrete and glass. The people of Hilversum used to call it ‘a swimming pool’, but thanks to its elegant and transparent appearance the hotel remains an eyecatcher until today.

P.J.H Cuypers

If you are an architecture lover, the name P.J.H. Cuypers might ring a bell. He was the architect of the Rijksmuseum and the Central Station in Amsterdam, but he also left his marks on Hilversum. He was responsible for the design of the Sint Vituskerk (St. Vitus Church), one of Hilversum’s eye catchers. This church is not only special due to its neogothic style, but its 100-meters high tower can be seen from afar.