Unrivaled nature

Hilversum is surrounded by green. The city has many lovely parks and gardens, and its surrounding has even more nature to offer. Feel like taking those hiking boots out of the closet? The Nature reserve Goois Natuurreservaat offers many great trails of various lengths through an ever-changing landscape. Love the heathlands? Visit the Hoorneboegse Heide just south of Hilversum. Not much further to the east are the Lage Vuursche and Hoge Vuursche, within half an hour biking from Hilversum. Each of these beautiful spots are just waiting to be discovered.

Magical heathlands

Hilversum is surrounded by vast heathlands, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Go for a walk on the Zuiderheide, bike on the Bussumerheide, enjoy a picknick on the Westerheide, or run with your dog on the Hoorneboeg. Nothing is as magical as a sunset over a blossoming, purple heathland in the late summer or the winter wonderland after a big snow shower. The heathland is hiding a rich history of almost four thousand years with many archeological wonders hidden underneath its surface.

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Beautiful forests

Feeling like a long forest walk? Collect mushrooms in the Spanderswoud or spot some birds of prey, such as the buzzard or the hawk in the Corversbos. Discover the Loosdrechtse bos surrounding estate Landgoed Zonnestraal, one of Jan Duiker’s most impressive designs, or enjoy the silence of the Cronebos in the Southeastern part of the city. Let yourself be surprised by our nature.

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Hidden gardens

You can also enjoy the green inside the city. Hidden in a villa district in Hilversum you’ll find the botanical garden Pinetum Blijdestein. You will encounter cycads, rhododendrons, and greenhouses full of tropical plants. The pond of Pinetum Blijdestein is worth a visit as well. An idyllic spot in the middle of trees, bushes, and stones. Or visit the historical Costerus garden. In 1920, biologist Jan Costerus founded this botanical garden and filled it with colorful indigenous plants, bushes and trees. A walk through the city might also bring you to the Rosarium, where many types of roses give color to the neighborhood. There is plenty to see and discover.

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Special parks

You’ll find different parks throughout Hilversum, such as the Laapersveld. A park with an ornamental pond and pumping station designed by architect Willem Dudok. Or visit the Oude Haven (old harbor), the end point of the canal Gooische Vaart. Nowadays, you can find 48 different types of trees and bushes and a large variety of indigenous bird species. Take your kids to the playground, the basketball field, or the skate track. One of our favorite parks is citypark the Hof. This idyllic park with trees of more than 200 years old is a special municipal monument: It is home to the oldest cemetery of Hilversum, a place where several prominent Hilversummers rest, including the famous Albertus Perk.

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