Welcome to Hilversum, media city of the Netherlands! This is the place where it all happens: radio, television, creative concepts, and technological developments. But the city has so much more to offer. Hilversum is a city of surprises, in the heart of the Gooi. We’ve got concept stores and traditional bakers, worldwide known museums, and architectural highlights. A city that’s alive. Hilversum is Live. Come and experience it yourself!

Plan your visit

Zilveren Camera

Until the 22th of March

Discover the Zilveren Camera exhibition with the most important news events and the most impressive photos and stories from all over the world. 

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Exhibiton Johan Matser

Until the 20th of June | Pioneering in project development

In the exhibition hall of the Raadhuis ( basement) you can see how Johan Matser, one of the first project developers in the Netherlands, contributed to the city formation of Hilversum in the 60s and 70s. An exhibition about radical plans by the municipality, major projects in the center such as Hilversthof, and about the collaboration between Matser and architects such as Dudok and Magnée.

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Media Mile

Walking route | Tourist Office or Sound & Vision 

The Media Mile is a walking route of approximately one mile or one and a half kilometer. In thirty minutes you can walk from the trainstation to the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision at the Media Park. On the way you learn more about the broadcastinghistory of the Netherlands. You can also walk the route in the opposite direction. Fun for all ages!

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Discover Hilversum

Unique architecture

Discover how renowned architects Dudok, Duiker, and Cuypers shaped our beautiful city. Explore our monumental town hall, the Sint Vituskerk (St. Vitus Church), the Bloembuurt, and more.

Unrivaled nature

Hilversum is surrounded by nature. Apart from beautiful forests and heathlands outside of the city, you can also find lovely parks and gardens inside the city. Great places to go for a walk, for a bicycle ride, or to relax.

Media city of the Netherlands

Hilversum is commonly known as the Media City of the Netherlands. Discover its rich media history and experience what it means to be in the spotlight in the Media Park and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision or walk the interactive Media Mile!

Shopping in Hilversum

The City Center

Visit the city center! Cozy squares and a wide range of shops, varying from international retailers to local entrepreneurs. This is the heart of the city. Rainy days? Shop inside at the shopping malls Hilvertshof or Gooische Brink. Ready to go shopping?

The Market

Every Wednesday and Saturday you can enjoy fresh and local produce at the market of Hilversum. Here you can find anything, from clothing and flowers to cheese, nuts, bread, and way more. Please stop by!

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The Gijsbrecht

Go shopping in the south of the city! The Gijsbrecht van Amstel is a cozy shoppingstreet with over a 100 small, local entrepreneurs. Come and experience the great atmosphere.