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Are you organising an event as a business, a foundation, or a private person? Please sign up your event here, so we can publish it on our website. We need the following information:

  • Name of the event
  • Short description (min. 300 words)
  • A royalty-free image that must meet the following requirements:
    Landscape (horizontal), jpg or jpeg file type, maximum 5 MB, larger than 1920 by 1280 pixels.
    There can be no texts or logos on the image and the file name must consist of the name of the organization and the name of the event.
    For example: museumhilversum-exhibitionmediavrouwen.jpg
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About Hilversum Marketing

Our goal is to put Hilversum on the map for its citizens, visitors, and companies.  We promote the city and stimulate shared activities to bundle the strength of initiatives by citizens, organizations and companies.

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