Mediacity of the Netherlands

Hilversum, media city. What does that mean? It not only means 100 years of radio and 70 years of television broadcasting. It means numerous creative concepts like Big Brother and The Voice going across the world. It means innovative media companies, such as Media Monks and NEP Nederland developing the newest technologies. It means augmented reality and serious games. It means technology, design, and stories. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Experience it first-hand.

Media Park Studios

The Media Park in Hilversum is the place where Dutch TV is made. Discover the world of media. Every day new media is developed and created here. The national public media network NPO and Dutch broadcasters and media companies like RTL have their studios here. It’s the birthplace of globally beloved show concepts like the Voice. Discover the Media Park by foot or take a Hillywood Tours train to experience what it's like to be in television.

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Sound and Vision

There is always something to do at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision! Over a million hours of audiovisual material is stored within the archive, but you can also visit one of their exhibitions, follow all kinds of mediaworkshops, and discover the world of media in the Sound and Vision Experience! There, Dutch celebrities will guide you virtually through the world of radio and television and youyourself became a media creator. Whether you want to be a vlogger, popstar, or newsanchor, you can try it all!

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Dutch Media Week

Every year in October the Dutch Media Week takes place. During this week everything in Hilversum is about media. It is a festival for media makers and media consumers, for people of all ages. Discover how media influences your life. Get to know the latest innovations and take a look behind the scenes during the Open Studio Days. Every year the organisations compile an extensive program with interesting activities.

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Media highlighs

Dutch Media Week

100 Years of Radio

Media Mile