Are you curious about the magical world of the media? Broadcasters such as BNNVARA, TALPA, and RTL have their studios here. Television programs come to life here. From Ziggo Sports to international concepts such as Big Brother and The Voice. And all that created in Hilversum. Do you want to discover this wonderful world? From a real beach, the traverse tunnel, Sound and Vision to even join the Hillywood Tours. Here you will experience what making television means, how a recording set is produced, where the props are stored, what the largest event studio in Europe looks like, and where Pim Fortuyn has come to his sad end. You may even run into a celebrity. Read our 7 tips for a day at Media Park here

  • 4. Sound & Vision

    Sound and Vision is the institute for media culture; an inspiring, creative and accessible meeting place. With a media museum (currently under construction), is a knowledge institute and an educational partner.

    4. Sound & Vision
  • 5. Bar Boon

    Bar Boon is located between the office buildings on Media Park. Its wooden interior makes it a relaxing place for a good cup of coffee, a fresh breakfast, or lunch. But is also a nice place to work  in the morning or afternoon.

    5. Bar Boon
  • 6. Media Mile

    6. Media Mile
  • 7. Broadcasting Tower

    View the Broadcasting Tower from a distance. The 196-meter high tower was made of reinforced concrete and steel. Quite a Hilversum icon, isn't it?

    7. Broadcasting Tower

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