Willem Marinus Dudok

Dudok has left his footprint all over Hilversum. Nowhere in the world has this famous Dutch architect built more than in this city. His positive influence is still visible and characteristic of the image of Hilversum. The highlight of his career: the Town Hall. He has also designed and built 17 schools, 25 housing projects, 2 cemeteries, and sports and recreation buildings. However, this is not all, municipal buildings in Hilversum also originate from Willem Dudok. Including a slaughterhouse, some bridges, bathhouses, a pumping station, and even an animal shed.

Jan Duiker

Another architect who has realized special buildings in Hilversum is Jan Duiker. He designed the Zonnestraal and Hotel Gooiland, for example. Zonnestraal is located in the Loosdrechtse bos on the south side of Hilversum. Duiker designed this building in 1926. It is internationally regarded as one of the highlights of twentieth-century architecture. Another building designed by Jan Duiker is Hotel Gooiland. A massive building consisting of concrete and glass. The Hilversummers used to consider it "a swimming pool", but thanks to its elegant and transparent appearance, the hotel is still an eye-catcher to this day.

P.J.H Cuypers

You may have heard of architect P.J.H Cuypers before. He was the architect of the Rijksmuseum and Central Station in Amsterdam, but he also left traces in Hilversum. For example, he designed the iconic St. Vitus Church from 1891 on the Emmastraat. This church is not only special because of its neo-Gothic architectural style, but also because of the characteristic, almost one hundred meters high tower.

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