De Jonge Haan

Started as Hotel Hiensch in 1925, created by the legendary founder Henk Hiensch, de Jonge Haan knows a long history. With the AVRO, the VPRO and the VARA as neighbors, de Jonge Haan soon became the headquarter of these broadcasters, at that time also inadvertently called the cafeteria of the broadcaster. Many contracts of artists have been signed in de Jonge Haan in recent decades.

In the fifties and sixties, when every broadcaster still knew its own orchestra, double-sided rows stood for the bar during the breaks of the concerts. There were so many pokers of the AVRO that the former outsider Hans Passon sent the vouchers every month to the accounts of this broadcaster. The payrolls of the employees in question were then referred to as an additional "levy": deducting de Jonge Haan. During that time, cameramen who went to reporting abroad had to finance their trip and declare them only afterwards. Hans Passon was usually the financier of this.

In 1995, the business was taken over and the slightly dilapidated café and restaurant was refurbished and revitalized. Now in 2017, de Jonge Haan has become one of the busiest catering companies in 't Gooi and after 88 years it is still the meeting point of the Hilversum media.


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