Goois Natuurreservaat

The nature areas around Hilversum have been managed by the Goois Nature Reserve since 1932. In this way, the heaths, forests, sand drifts and historic fields are preserved and protected. Large grazers are used to maintain the heaths, a special cultural-historical landscape that has been created thanks to the Erfgooiers. For example, you will encounter Charolais cows on the Hoorneboegse Heide. And you run into a herd of Scottish Highlanders on the Westerheide.

Making nature connections, so that plants and animals can move freely throughout the reserve and beyond, is one of the most important points in the nature management of the Goois Nature Reserve. An example is the Zanderij Crailoo nature bridge, the largest ecoduct in the world, connecting the Spanderswoud west of Hilversum with the heathlands on the east side. Thanks to the nature connections, the Goois Nature Reserve is home to many different, sometimes rare animals, such as the badger, marten and deer.

In the nature around Hilversum you can endlessly walk, cycle and ride your horse. Various walking and cycling guides of the Goois Nature Reserve are for sale in the webshop and in the Brandstore / VVV. With your purchase you help to preserve and protect the Hilversum nature.

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Goois Natuurreservaat
Nieuwe Meentweg 2
1217 DZ Hilversum
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