Castle Museum Sypesteyn

Sypesteyn provides a unique insight into the world of esquire Henri van Sypesteyn (1857-1937). Opposite the 15th-century Sijpekerk, the esquire built the castle on old foundations at the beginning of the last century; the place where he himself thought his ancestral seat would have been. Later this turned out to be just a dream, but the result was a stylish building, surrounded by canals and a beautiful historic garden. The squire wanted to honor his family with Sypesteyn.

The interior of the castle is still largely as the baronet left it in the 1930s. During the guided tours you will become acquainted with all facets of the rich collection of the esquire and you will see, among other things, the Armory Room, the Gothic Room, and the 17th-century Low Hall. Oriental and Dutch porcelain is on display on the first floor, as well as many family portraits from the rich regent life of the eighteenth century.

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Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn
Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 150
1231 LC Loosdrecht
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