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Play Nature by OERRR

More than 0.5 hectares of trees, water, sand, flowers, mud and animals. Play nature at Bezoekerscentrum Gooi en Vechtstreek is an outing for the whole family. Find out for yourself: how are you in the wild?

There is a playground for toddlers (0-4 years) and for older children (4-12 years). Come and play with sand, water and branches and climb into the tree house! At the front of the catering facility is a play area where you can enjoy jumping from step stone to step stone, crawl through tubes and swing.

Opening hours
OERRR Speelnatuur is open during the opening hours of Bezoekerscentrum Gooi en Vechtstreek. In November, play nature closes at 16:30, in December at 16:00.

To play here, Natuurmonumenten asks you for a contribution:

  • Members of OERRR may play for free.
  • Members of Natuurmonumenten may let 1 child play for free.
  • Children from 2 years pay €1.50. Groups of 5 children or more please register in advance at the Visitor Centre. You can do so by calling T (035) 656 30 80.

Practical information
Speelnatuur is a natural paradise with water, sand, gentle banks and much more. You can romp around here and get dirty. There is a rinsing area available, but bring clean clothes, shoes and a towel if necessary! 

Playground rules
At Speelnatuur you can have a great time in nature. For your safety and the safety of other visitors, Natuurmonumenten has drawn up a number of rules. This way we keep it fun for all of us.

  • Parents: keep an eye on things.
  • There is no supervision.
  • There is a pond. This water is natural water, not swimming water. Find out what all lives in it!
  • Have respect for plants and animals: nature lets you live!
  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Eat and drink outside the OERRR nature playground.
  • No smoking and no fires.
  • Check for ticks after visiting nature.


Play Nature by OERRR
Noordereind 54 B
1243 JJ 's-Graveland
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