Are you a fan of architecture? Then you can indulge yourself in Hilversum. This our top 10 buildinglist that you must see in Hilversum.

  • 1. Townhall Hilversum

    Architecture enthusiasts will find their way to Dudok's special Townhall when they visit Hilversum.

    1. Townhall Hilversum
  • 2. Landgoed Zonnestraal

    Internationally regarded as one of the highlights of twentieth-century architecture. 

    2. Landgoed Zonnestraal
  • 3. Sound & Vision

    Sound and Vision is the institute for media culture; an inspiring, creative and accessible meeting place for private individuals and professionals.

    3. Sound & Vision
  • 4. Villa VPRO

    Villa VPRO departs from traditional cellular office environments by inviting occupants to transition seamlessly from one floor to the next through an undulating and stepped concrete landscape.

    4. Villa VPRO
  • 5. Vitus Church

    A neo-Gothic cross basilica and one of the largest churches in the work of Pierre Cuypers.

    5. Vitus Church
  • 6. M-Mediagebouw


    In M-Mediagebouw, media makers come together to create special things.

    6. M-Mediagebouw
  • 7. Pumping Station at Laaperveld

    Dudok instructed the placement of a reservoir and pumping station at the lowest point of Hilversum in 1919.

    7. Pumping Station at Laaperveld
  • 8. Werf 35

    A hotspot for companies from small to medium sized, in a historically inspiring environment.

    8. Werf 35
  • 9. Bloemenbuurt

    The first neighborhood with social housing that was developed on behalf of a municipality.

    9. Bloemenbuurt
  • 10. Traverse Hilversum

    A special connection has been made between Hilversum Media Park station and the Media Park site: De Traverse Hilversum designed by MVSA Meyer and Van Schooten Architects.

    10. Traverse Hilversum

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