There are many nice places to eat in and around the center. Yet there are several adresses just a little more special. Thanks to their social commitment, their historical location, or their insta-worthy interior. We have highlighted 5 culinary hotspots for you with their own unique story.

1. Puur Smaeck

At Eatery & Drinks Puur Smaeck the work is done during the day by people with a mental disability. Under the guidance of the professionals of Puur Smaeck, they work in the service or in the kitchen. They do not work based on their limitation but rather based on their capabilities. Pleasure at work is paramount. And you can feel that as a guest at the table of Puur Smaeck

2. Heren Spyker

In the 'spijkerpandjes', right in the center of Hilversum, you will find a wine bar & restaurant Heren Spyker. The place where Jacobus Spijker started his smithy around 1850. The sons of this blacksmith became world famous with their invention of the Spyker car with four-wheel drive and a six-cylinder engine. Patron-Cuisinier Ronald Bellaart has turned the nailed houses into a contemporary French-oriented restaurant. Romée Bellaart-Koning is a maître restaurateur and sommelier. She directs the service and ensures that you are pampered for an evening.

3. Mout

Started as Autopalace de Wit to hip food hall. This building was built over 100 years ago as a car garage and showroom for the wealthy from Hilversum. The building is designed in Art Nouveau style, blown over from Paris. Not much later, the building was taken into use as the Dutch Signal Factory; the basis of the development of the broadcasting city Hilversum. After the relocation of the NSF, the building was converted into a party room Trianon and Casino with a cinema. Nothing was visible anymore of the original Art Nouveau architecture. When the cinema was demolished, the beautiful facade was revealed and it was decided to restore it. In Mout, you will now find 7 sturdy kitchens and the Gooische Bierbrouwerij. Mout has been one of the hotspots in Hilversum since its opening.

4. Bij de Tuinman

De Tuinman is a restaurant at Buitenplaats De Hoorneboeg, just outside Hilversum. The menu includes beautiful vegetable dishes and drinks. From coffee to wine and garden cocktails in the small, cozy restaurant and terrace on the vegetable garden. De Tuinman uses seasonal vegetables and local products as much as possible. Honey from the beekeeper in the garden, apple cider from the neighbor of the Elegast distillery, and vegetables from the own vegetable garden and other growers in the area. Buitenplaats de Hoorneboeg is located on the edge of the Hilversum heath. During weekends you can get a coffee-to-go from Bij de Tuinman before, during, or after your walk

5. Chef aan de Werf

Restaurant Chef aan de Werf can be found in an old industrial warehouse on the former municipal yard of Hilversum, on Mussenstraat. Today it is a creative breeding ground just outside the center of Hilversum under the name Werf35. Original elements of Chef aan de Werf's old building have remained intact. The restaurant, therefore, exudes an industrial atmosphere. On the menu is entremets. Perfect for sharing when you can't choose from all the delicious options.

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