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Sheepfold Goois Nature Reserve

The sheepfold can be visited every Sunday afternoon. From 2pm to 4pm, enthusiastic nature guides from IVN are on hand to tell visitors - big and small - more about the fold and the flock of Drenthe Heath Sheep. Nice to combine with a walk or bike ride across Tafelbergheide and Blaricummerheide. Especially in early spring when the lambs have just been born!  

The heath sheep are welcome guests on the heath, because by grazing the fields they maintain the special nature reserve of the Goois Natuurreservaat. They graze away the grasses between the heather plants and use their fleece to disperse seeds.

The flock of about 50 sheep leaves the Schaapskooi in Blaricum every morning around 8am and can be visited in the nature reserve. They return to the sheepfold on the Blaricummerheide around 4pm. 

Throughout the year, all kinds of fun activities are organised by the Goois Natuurreservaat and IVN Natuureducatie, such as craft afternoons, Easter egg hunts and the spring festival in the spring and, in June, the fun sheep shearing festival. Especially for children, there are fun activities to do then. Consult the Events Calender Gooi & Vecht for these activities.


  • Every sunday from 14:00 to 16:00


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